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Mauro Rocco Name: Mauro Rocco
Age: 28 Years old
Studies: bachelor on Computer Engineering Technology specialized on "Network Applications"
Living/Working: Luxembourg
Company: Luxair
Role: Senior Web Developer

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Amazon AWS 3D cubes with Impress.js

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 4.39.22 PM

After a while I’m back on my blog to post about my small experience with Impress.js

Some time ago I was involved in a hiring process with Amazon AWS and a part of the interview process consists in preparing a 30 minutes presentation on an Amazon service. So what I did is using Impress.js to try to impress them, designing the Amazon AWS logo with impress.js and navigating through it in a cool 3D way.

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Celery centralized logging

As someone of you that is already using celery already know extend the celery logger was a bit tricky until the last version, mainly because the logger object is not unique, the same handler is added to different logs object (Main Process logger, PoolWorker logger, TaskLogger).
For this reason the command logging.getLogger(“Celery”) give you back only the Main Process logger.
From the version 2.2.7 of Celery is possible to extend all the logs object by using two new signals after_setup_logger and after_setup_task_logger.

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Europython 2011: Playing tasks with Django Celery (Video and slides)


Europython 2011 – Playing tasks with Django & Celery from Mauro Rocco on Vimeo.


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Boto Mturk Tutorial: Fetch results and pay workers

This is another tutorial of the mturk series, in this one I will explain how to fetch the ready results from mturk trough python boto and how to approve or reject payments to the workers.
Before continue I suggest you to read my first tutorial about boto and mturk if you didn’t it already.

Well, before continuing for have a good test case I suggest you to publish some hits on the mturk sandbox and do it trough the workers sandxbox, in this way you will have some results ready to be fetched. Read More

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Boto Mturk Tutorial: Create hits

This tutorial will be the first of many about mturk and Boto, a python interface to Amazon Web Services .
When I started to develop python tasks for automate some process by using amazon mturk was a little bit difficult found enough information about the usage of Boto and about mturk, for this reason I want to make those things easy for others developers that, like me some time ago, are starting to deal with Amazon Mturk.
Let’s start from the origins what you need is:

Boto library (2.0b4): you can install it with easy_install or download the package from the github page.
Amazon Web Services keys: create an account or login if you already have one on aws.amazon.com, after that go to you account admin panel and than security settings.
In the page scroll to the section Access credentials and keep note of the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

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History Timeline wp plugin: now it support before Christ dates

Hi all, today I finally release the new version of my history timeline plugin.
I understand that a plug-in called “History timeline” have to allow you to use before Christ date too, I know, I’m a little bit in late but now is published the version 0.7 that give you also more option for post discrimination.
Here a list of functionalities Read More

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A simple python sandbox for Celery and not

At the end of this post you will find the source code of a python sandbox that I write for have a general sandbox that work for all my celery tasks.
Anyway this is a general python code and you can use it also without Celery but here I will give you also some example to how to use it in easy and fast way with Celery. Read More

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Sony VAIO brightness control script for Ubuntu (Geforce cards)

This evening I want to share with you this little script that I wrote for my personal use.
This script need the module “smartdimmer” (Change LCD brightness on Geforce cards), you can found it on the Ubuntu repository, than it’s enough to write on console

$ sudo apt-get smartdimmer

For test if the module works just try to set a new brightness value by typing

$ smartdimmer -s 50

If the module works for your laptop you can use the following script for change brightness directly from your keyboard.

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Phonegap android plugin for download files from url on sd card

You can found an updated version of my plugin on GitHub
Thanks to Phillip Neumann.

Hi folks, today I want to share with you this very useful phonegap‘s plug-in.
As the title says this plug-in allow you to download a file (url) on the sd card in the folder of your choice.
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Run Celery tasks from PHP

If you are reading this article probably you already know what is Celery but for who think that it is something to eat I will give you a definition.
Celery is an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing developed in python.

If your using Celery for your back-office tasks will be very nice to run some tasks after an action performed on the front end of your web site, like an user action.
If your web front end is wrote in PHP there is an easy and useful way for do it trough Rabbit MQ, the message broker used by celery. Read More

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